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This is Feliz. She is the love of my life. Anyone who knows me can attest to the absolute adoration I have for this eight pound Maltese. She makes me laugh and smile every single day. And for that, I am truly grateful!

Her story:
For my 17th birthday, my parents told me I could pick out a dog to add to our family. Our family pooch, Hurley, was completely and totally enamored with my Mom and paid no attention to me, despite my years of effort to sway his favor. So, they gave me the guidelines: the dog had to be a small breed and had to be female (so as to counter the possibility of peeing/territory wars between two male dogs). For that summer (we were living in Indianapolis at the time) I was on a puppy-hunting mission! I went to the Humane Society weekly to check out the selection of pups in hopes that I would find my soul mate amongst the bunch. But, of course, no such luck! All I kept seeing (though adorable and perfect in their own right) were large, mixed breeds — and males. So, I began to look in the newspaper for other options and Feliz was actually the first dog that I went to see! Her name was Felicity at the time (thanks to Ms. Keri Russell) and our first encounter was kismet! She came prancing out of the garage and over to me and my heart immediately melted into a pool of white fluffy kisses and hugs…it was DEFINITELY love at first sight. So after a little deft bargaining thanks to Mrs. Hay — who famously thought Feliz’s breeder’s name was Ernold…but seriously, who has the name Ernold? It’s ARNOLD — this Maltese puppy was all mine!! I wanted to change her name but didn’t want to alter it drastically because she was already nine months old. And since she was just about the happiest thing I had ever encountered in my life (her permanently wagging tail is a dead giveaway), I decided to shorten it to Feliz, which means happy in Spanish. She will be 12 in November and I am thankful for each moment I get to spend with her!

Below is Feliz’s profile on Dogbook (on Facebook) to give you a better sense of who she is…

Breed: Maltese
Gender: Female
Loved Since: 1998
About Me: I’m cute and I know it.
Current Town: Old Town Alexandria
Favorite Activities: Hanging out with my Mom, spooning, going for walks, doing the Scooby dance, traveling, watching Animal Planet and The Disney Channel, rolling over onto my back, hiding in the bathtub, generally being happy (see my name).
Favorite Parks: N/A. I like to think I’m large in size (I’ve always likened myself to a Doberman/Pit Bull mix) and tend to lunge at other dogs, which is not safe — so my Mom doesn’t take me to parks. I’m bossy and I like to be in control of the spotlight (sorry, but it’s true!). I like small play dates best.
Favorite Treats: I like Filet Minon treats and I LOVE carrots…and I’ll eat pretty much anything that is hand-fed to me. I also have an over-the-top obsession with tuna (or more importantly, the tuna can)…
Favorite Toys: Mr. Wonderful and my squeaky lamb.
Favorite Outfit: Anything sassy. Pink. And with ruffles. I have a strong affinity for tutus.


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  1. this just melted my heart. i also commented on another post the other day – but it seemingly never posted. sad. your description of feliz is phenomenal, i swear – through your writing that dog has her own very distinctive voice, it’s the best. keep it going love


  2. I can’t wait to meet you Feliz, I may be a few years younger than you, but I think we would be good friends. Like you, I am ALWAYS happy and full of life… and of course I always share… and don’t have to be the center of attention… (Don’t tell my “Mom” I said that!)
    Diggy from Indy

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