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The Long and Short of It

I really need shorts. This may come as a surprise for those who know I recently moved from Miami to D.C., but it’s true (I swear)! I have been much more of a dress girl during the past five years and I’ve decided that my shortage in mini-pants is unacceptable. (Pun completely intended. Seriously.)

Fast forward to Monday afternoon: I was exploring Tyson’s Corner for the first time since I moved. Many people who know me well know that I have a (very strong) dislike for shopping malls. I love shopping. I hate malls. I thought I’d give Tyson’s a try, but as soon as I set foot in the massive, escalator ridden, teenager fortified, enclosed space, I knew it would be trouble. And though I did try with all my might, my mall experience was still, well, not my cup of tea.

But back to the shorts dilemma: I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of leather shorts for spring. Upon sharing this with my friend Kelli, she proceeded to look at me like I was a crazy and then waited for an explanation. A good one. I forget sometimes that clothing items I deem as “must-owns” are not necessarily the case for everyone! I tried to explain to her that I wanted a pair of tailored, leather shorts in a tan color, or black. But I’m not so sure I convinced her…so I’ve decided to list the few I’ve found and see if I get any responses on which ones others like. But first, I’d love to know what you wear during the summer months…

Here are some leather shorts I’m considering/coveting:

Basic Line Up Leather Shorts from Queen’s Wardrobe, $72

Photo courtesy of Queen’s Wardrobe

Maje Expo Leather Shorts from NET-A-PORTER, $275

Photo courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

Plastic Island Midnight Faux Leather Shorts from Shopbop, $62

Photo courtesy of Shopbop

And, while this is TOTALLY random and unrelated, I want to share a song that I absolutely love that I thought of as I was perusing today (you’ll see why when you listen)!

Please enjoy my first audio file, yay! Okay, UPDATE: This is going to make me look like a total amateur (which, well, I AM) but I can’t seem to insert an audio file. Apparently I have to purchase a space upgrade or use an MP3 file from the internet and input HTML code. So in the interest of saving my sanity (and another hour or two spent trying to figure it out myself), below is the music video, courtesy of You Tube.

S├ębastien Tellier is a strange and very cool dude. Check out his song “Divine” from the album Sexuality