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I Love My Nieces to Pieces

Days 22-26:

Yikes!! I haven’t blogged at all since the day before Thanksgiving…but I have a really good reason: I was truly enjoying my time in Cincinnati with my three nieces!!! Though I took my computer with me, I rarely opened it for more than a minute as I was truly exhausted at the end of each day.

My nieces range from 6 to 2 and they are amazing and hilarious and I cherished every single moment I spent with them (and of course my brother and sister-in-law, too!). Below are an array of photos from my trip to Cincy…

My brother Aaron with Autumn, Savannah and Sasha

Sasha and Feliz

Savannah before her swim lesson at the YMCA

Photo after playing at the park! We missed Autumn…she was at school 😦