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Mindful Challenges

Day 5:

Today I’m grateful for the yoga class I’ve been taking on Monday evenings. It’s called Yoga for the People and it’s offered by Pure Prana in Old Town. You pay what you can and the instructor tailors it to the levels and needs of the people who are taking the class that evening.

Today, there was just one other person taking the class besides myself. That’s another thing I really love(!)…when a yoga class is super small and you can get extra attention from the instruction and you have the opportunity to ask questions because of the intimate setting. The yoga instructor who teaches this class, Rachel, is really great 🙂 I like her style of teaching and always feel refreshed after taking a class with her. She has her own yoga blog which you can check out here!

A Dachshund Dogi Doing Downward Dog! Photo courtesy of Leeann Carey Yoga

A few of the reasons I chose to start practicing yoga was to provide myself with an opportunity to challenge myself physically and to push myself to quiet my mind (which is quite difficult for me!)…

So far I have discovered that I am extremely inflexible (okay, that wasn’t a surprise), that sometimes the hardest part is just getting to class, that some poses are incredibly challenging and others I can do with ease and that I always, always, always feel better after I have attended a class. So that makes yoga an easy thing to be grateful for!

Yogi vs. Dogi. Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

And tomorrow, I’m very excited that participating studios in D.C., VA and Maryland are offering free classes in honor of Election Day courtesy of Lululemon…check it out here!