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Let’s Get Seussical


Days 28-30:

So, technically, my 30 Days of Thanks challenge is over as of today. And, well, I didn’t exactly do it perfectly…I missed days here and there and mashed up several posts into one to make up for it. But in the end it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like I have hundreds of readers who are waiting with baited breath for my next post! I did this challenge for myself and to reinvigorate the blogging spirit that had been lying dormant for such a long while.

I think what I’ve truly learned during the past 30 days is that I really am in control of my future. It’s up to me pick myself up, to figure out how to find my happy, to put positive markers in place when I’m feeling down, to look for light in the dark, and to believe in myself even when I don’t think it’s possible.

And then I saw this and think it sums up everything, well, pretty perfectly!

Dr. Seuss


Thank you to those who have shared this journey with me…and stay tuned for my future posts!


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