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Days 18 & 19:

Okay, so I’m really running behind in my posts…yikes! I was so excited for my post yesterday but I just really, truly, ran out of time! I’m in NYC for a few days and whenever I am here I always, ALWAYS feel like I run out of time. I know, I know, everyone (including truly amazing and talented people like Michelangelo and Steve Jobs and Helen Keller and Albert Einstein) has just the same amount of time as I do to get everything done. But somehow, I swear, being in New York always makes me feel like the minutes are just being sucked away from me from the moment I enter the city…

And speaking of that moment: THAT is what I am grateful for. That moment when I enter New York City. It is such an invigorating and exciting snapshot in time for me and I anticipate it every time I come into New York. The vast panorama of the skyscrapers. The view from the bridges over water. Zooming through the Holland Tunnel. Entering the city and looking up at the buildings now hugging my surroundings. It all spurs me to want to join the flow and become a part of the rhythm. Sometimes I wonder, will it still be there? That feeling? That overwhelming sense of inclusion that I’ve now somehow become privy to the most spectacular secret and it’s been waiting for me since the last time I left, anticipating my return…

If only I could bottle that feeling and spritz it on myself anytime I’m feeling a bit low. Now wouldn’t that be amazing?!

Captured: Feliz’s first moment in Manhattan…She’s having THAT moment…(I think)…


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