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Future Comfort

Day 17:

Today, I’m thankful for tomorrow. I know, that might sound a little silly, but these days I often find myself looking forward to a new day. I think that when life gets especially challenging there is hope in the renewal that always comes in the morning. There is great comfort that lies in knowing that whatever transpired today can be rolled away as the moon takes over the sky. I suppose it’s not a revelation, but it’s my revelation…

But more literally speaking, tomorrow, I’ll be in New York. I have the opportunity to see a dear friend who lives in the U.K. and I haven’t seen in two years. And for that, I’m also truly grateful.

View from the bus on a recent trip to NYC via Instagram

And…a new favorite quote:

“The future is sending back good wishes and waiting with open arms.” – Kobi Yamada


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  1. I love that quote and believe it! Loooking forward to your visit!


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