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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Why I love

I think the earliest memories I have of borrowing my Mom’s heels come from second or third grade. Yes, that’s right people…that would’ve put me at ages eight and nine — and I could comfortably wear my Mom’s shoes. (Nix the cute photos of little girls clomping around the house playing dress-up in their mother’s shoes. My Mom’s shoes literally fit me.)

As a girl (of any age really), it’s a bit unnerving to have big feet. In my biological makeup, I owe it all to my Dad (thanks, Pops!) for my long, narrow feet. So, cursed with such appendages, I was forever forced to wear adult women’s shoes at a young age, making it impossible to wear any of the cute, trendy shoes that were popular in the 90s (although in hindsight, I think the 90s is a fashion decade I could easily skip right over, so maybe it’s okay?!?! Doc Martens be damned!).

I have always resented the fact that it isn’t easy for me to go into a store, see a pair of shoes I like and just purchase them…like any ol’ size 7 1/2 shoe gal. It still kills me that I manage to constantly fall in love with shoes that aren’t even made in my size, 11. But, thankfully I was introduced to some years ago and it has been (but what shouldn’t be) a total luxury having access to such a fabulous shoe site.

An excerpt from the site:

Who’s Tess?
Tess is, in many ways, your typical twentysomething girl. She loves movies, tennis, sushi, her dog Hank and her hometown of Baltimore — and most of all, she loves clothes. Since she can remember, she has spent hours poring over fashion sites and magazines to carefully dissect what designers are showing and celebrities are wearing, and she firmly believes that the thrill one gets from wearing a new dress is the best mood elevator out there.

But Tess had a problem. For years, when she had nearly succeeded in putting together a perfect look — perhaps an outfit that mixed a timeless investment piece with a trendier item or a cheeky vintage find — she found herself getting ‘tripped’ up in the same place: what to do with her woefully, inescapably bare feet. Wearing an 11, she was unable to find shoes in her size that met her aesthetic standards; the suggestions of salespeople to try something in a men’s or comfort style met with her rightful indignation.

Fortunately, Tess refused to settle for these sub-par options and in 2005, she enlisted her mother to help her found Barefoot Tess. Their mission was, and is, to provide the best in footwear — be it a $15 flip-flop or an $800 boot — to large-footed, fashion-conscious women everywhere. Tess’s love of fashion has never been about how much something costs, what size it is or who designed it. It’s about style, and style shouldn’t stop at size 10.

SO today I was reminded why I love to support this site so much. I bought a pair of fabulous ballet flats back in March that I had been coveting for months. I received an email from Barefoot Tess alerting me to a sale of 35% off just for being a size 11. (This is another fantastic perk: their daily newsletter, which constantly has deals, sales and new arrival information!) So order the size 11 Apepazza Tormalina flat in Mustard I did! And they’re beautiful…

Apepazza Tormalina Flat

The only problem is that the stones which adorn the toe of the shoe tend to fall out of the delicate prongs holding them in place every now and again. And as responsible a shoe-wearer as I try to be, sometimes I just don’t notice! Hence, I have these beautiful suede flats just staring me in the face every morning because I can’t wear them due to missing a stone. So, on a truly  genius whim, I decided to call Barefoot Tess today and tell them of my situation…to which the woman helping me told me that she’d go ahead and send three replacement jewels right away, no charge! Apparently, several people who also love the shoe had called for help in regards to this issue so the people at Tess just called up Apepazza and asked for replacement stones. Simply magical. It truly made my Friday!!! Thank you, Tess 🙂

Viva las chicas with big feet!!!!


my love affair with Glee

Okay, okay, so this isn’t exactly a unique obsession…but I just have to mention my absolute adoration for the TV show Glee. Yes, I realize I got on this bandwagon a wee bit late (I’m super behind on my TV shows…I plan to conquer Mad Men next-) but I am totally obsessed, head over heels, crush-worthy in love with Glee.

Thanks to my Virgin Atlantic flight from Miami to London a few weeks ago, I was able to (finally) watch the first two episodes of the much talked about show during my 9 hour trip. I fear I may have annoyed the older gentleman to my left and the woman on my right by laughing way too loudly, but I didn’t dwell because the gift of watching such a ridiculously perfect show seemed to overshadow over any embarrassment I was feeling at the time.

The music? Amazing. The story lines? Super good. Sue Sylvester? Beyond hilar.

Upon my return from London, I proceeded to watch every scrumptious episode in bed over a weekend, savoring each show. The song selections and arrangements are so very good and the humor is spot on (for me at least). I couldn’t get enough…so I downloaded the season of music from iTunes and have been (not so secretly) jamming out to the soundtrack on a daily basis, thinking of any excuse to press the play button on that playlist.

If you haven’t seen the show, hop to it. It will definitely improve your mood/day and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?

grey areas

anyone who knows me knows that i have a tough time with the grey areas in life. it’s all black or white for me, but never grey. i tend to want to put everything i encounter/experience/desire/seek into either one category or the other, but never into an “in between” area.

so now, as my life has recently taken a sudden veer off the path that i was so comfortably situated on, i am forced to look at my life and reevaluate the precise difference between what i want to do with my life, what i think i should be doing with my life (i.e. what others think i should be doing), and some sort of magical land in between where the two paths diverge and my perfect career/grad school choice/move becomes visible to me over the next few months.

in truth: i’ve never been so lost before in my adult life. i think, perhaps, that is why it has been so hard for me to start this blog. (anyone who knows me will also tell you that i’ve talked about starting a blog for, like, ever!)  i guess i’ve always felt like if i start blogging, i should have a direct concept in mind about what i want to talk about and of course, amazing, mind blowing and extraordinary postings to put up each and every day for people to derive enlightenment from.

now that i’ve come to the conclusion that i don’t necessarily know what i want to write about and that […gasp…shock…] it might be about more than one thing [!!] i have somehow lifted a bit of pressure off myself and have decided to just do what inspired me to start a blog from the very beginning: to take ownership of a tiny spot in space and just to write my thoughts and observations about the world as i see it. novel? not so much. a challenge for me? indeed. it’s a little scary to put my actual reflections out there without being assigned a designer to introduce, grant deadline to meet or product for a press release to write about.

so there it is…my first posting! it can only happen once, so here goes…eek! let the bloggerlust begin! (that’s a combo of blog and wanderlust if you must know. genius? i would quite like to think so.)